Nike+Run Club

Nike+Run Club – the go to running app for novices for years. With all your needs met in one quick and easy app, this red and white gem will get you pounding pavements in no time.

With over 10 million downloads on Android Google Play alone, the company project their professional sportsperson status into your device.

It hasn’t entirely been plain sailing though.

A revamp of the app in August 2016 from Nike+Running to Nike+Run Club, the essential features of the application remain. It’ll track your distance, time, calories burned and location with the click of one button.

But millions of users voiced their outrage on social media as their beloved Nike+Running app disappeared – along with month’s worth of achievements, trophy scores, and running programs.

Valued features like the challenges with friends, trophies, and easy shareable running achievements were lost in the update, supposedly designed “for runners, by runners.”


Angry Facebook user and Nike+Running bereaver Francois de Bodinat said, “Nike plus, your new app is a disaster; you fixed something that was not broken to replace it with a new app that crashes my phone and lacks all the old cool functionalities. I would hope that you quickly revert to the previous app, and replace your chief app designer instead!”

He’s considering other running apps.

Other users followed suit:


With an outrage in the running app community, is there room for another King at the top of the go-to apps of the future?

Stay tuned for more.