One hundred miles. One hundred and sixty kilometers. One hundred and seventy six thousand yards. One month. Sounds scary, right?

But AppyRun did the math for you in our attempt to inspire, motivate, and encourage participation in this awesome year long event. Launched by the 30-day challenge company, and as it says on the tin, the feat is to run 100 miles in the specified time period. Log your time and distance virtually, complete the challenge, and win a shiny new medal.


So here’s the breakdown:

  • 100 miles over four(ish) weeks = 25 miles per week.
  • 25 miles over seven days = realistically 3.5 miles per day, with the extra two days at the end of the month
  • Complete the challenge this way – and feel the burn!

AppyRun, however, encourages rest days to allow the body to recover. Personal trainer Daniel Hough of DH Primed said, “Running is an impact cardiovascular exercise, so unlike strength training, a higher level of stress and pressure is put onto muscles and joints.”

“The body needs time to allow tissue to repair itself, so structuring more than one rest day is crucial in your training plan.”


If you’re up for this challenge, Hough recommends:

  • Five miles for five days, with two rest days
  • Eight miles on three days and one mile on one day with three days rest
  • Ten miles on two days and five miles on one day with four rest days

And if it is just the challenge you’re up for, then AppyRun recommends a no-pressure approach. Challenge experts Eat Drink and Be Skinny said, “This one is pretty simple, you can walk it, run it, jog it, crawl it.”

“By simply committing, making a small effort and tracking your daily mileage, you’ll be amazed at how fast it adds up!” they added.

Sign up with Awesome Virtual Running for the February 2017 challenge. £12, 100 miles, a brand new medal and the biggest sense of running achievement.



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