Did you know about the Active Travel Act 2013?

To ensure easy access and safety around Wales, the Welsh Government committed to building inter-city cycling and pedestrian paths.

The Government’s Health Impact Assessment stated: “We want to make walking, running and cycling the most natural and normal way of getting about. We want to do this so that more people can experience the health benefits; we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions; and we can help address poverty and disadvantage.


How will it address these, you ask? The Government aim to expand the economy and unlock sustainable economic growth. If more people walk, run and cycle, congestion will be reduced as well as the number of sick days, and Wales’s tourism industry will boom, they hope.

Following this act, any point of the city is reachable on foot or by bike with the utmost safety considered.

“The Act is a world first,” said a spokesman at The Welsh Government, “which makes it a legal requirement for local authorities in Wales to map and plan for suitable routes for active travel.”

Each year, officials will survey and review the current routes and consider was to improve them. This means that in 2015/16, £1.65m was allocated to Active Travel in Wales alone to respond to health and active life needs.


Officials define the term “health” as the “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” While we’re all aware of running’s positive effects on the body, the mental benefits need to be recalled.

A UCL study published in JAMA Psychiatry said regular exercise can reduce the odds of depression by 19%. GP Nurse Practitioner Andrea Hampson, 54, commended this, and said, “Running is the best, easiest and cheapest cardiovascular activity around. I’d recommend it not only for weight loss, but as a great morale and mental booster.”

She added that running releases our most beloved endorphins, or “happy hormone,” which is crucial for a positive mentality and also helps us focus better on tasks.

AppyRun urges you to make the most of running, especially after government efforts with this effective scheme. Grab your kicks, and try running to work, using travel organization Sustran’s expertise.

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